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Our Story

Ganesh Dosa is a small family-owned restaurant located in Kailua, Oahu, specializing in the South Indian dish, dosa. The owner, originally from Argentina and a follower of Hinduism, learned how to make dosa while serving people as a devotional service in an ashram in New York.

Inspired by the delicious and unique flavors of this traditional Indian dish, the owner moved to Hawaii for surfing and, with the help of his wife, decided to open the restaurant to share this beloved South Indian dish with the local community.

Our Dosa

Dosa is a popular and delicious Indian crepe made with a special blend of rice and lentil batter, fermented overnight to give it a unique tangy flavor and airy texture. Our dosa is cooked to perfection on a hot griddle, resulting in a crispy, golden-brown treat that's hard to resist.

At Ganesh Dosa, all of our toppings are vegan and vegetarian-friendly! We also use the fresh organic ingredients to ensure the highest quality and flavor in every bite. Customers can enjoy classic masala dosa, filled with spiced potatoes, as well as fusion dosa, which combines traditional Indian flavors with other cultural influences.

To complement your dosa, we serve coconut chutney or tomato chutney on the side as dipping sauces, made with authentic South Indian spices and ingredients. And for an extra burst of flavor, try our sambar lentil soup made with a blend of Indian spices and vegetables.

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